Hire Southern California’s No. 1 Underground Utility Locating Company

Seasoned project managers always build time into their schedules and money into their production budget for hiring the services of underground pipe locators. The companies that provide such services, along with those who are also underground wire locators, help to keep the long-term costs of a project in check. Without the services of professional underground pipe locators such as Util-Locate, construction and landscape workers run the risk of cutting into gas pipes, water lines, electrical lines and other utility services. Not only is there unnecessary expense involved, but also risk of injury to workers and equipment.

Util-Locate: Underground Pipe Locators and Underground Cable Locators

Before you dig, make certain that you have contracted with professional underground utility locators. By doing this first, you can avoid extra expenses and delays in construction schedules. By hiring an underground pipe locator, you avoid accidentally cutting into water, gas and other dangerous utility lines that are hidden beneath the surface of your project site’s landscape. Such companies as Util-Locate provide such services, which include finding both the location of the buried pipe, but also of the depth of that pipe. Risking hitting such pipes when operating heavy equipment or other construction activities can be both dangerous and costly. Likewise, by gaining the expert service of underground cable locators, construction crews can operate safely with the knowledge that they will not be cutting into power lines, telephone, cable or other wire-related services.

Locating Underground Power Lines: An Important Step in Preventing Worker Injury

Let’s face it, no one wants to have to explain the injury of an employee or innocent bystander. Yet, this event happens each year when project teams miss an important step while preparing to begin a new project: locating underground power lines. It is a simple and reasonable part of the planning process to hire a company who is well versed in locating underground power lines. By gaining the services of companies such as Util-Locate, contractors or even home owners can work with a degree of certainty that they will be safer from accidental injuries of potential dangers.