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    Orange County is one of the best places to live in California. Anaheim, a city in the County, is known for its vibrant Hispanic communities. It is a place where you can enjoy authentic Latin American culture and cuisine. It is very close to Disneyland too. If you can’t have enough of its fun, think of living in the west part of Anaheim where you can watch and enjoy the Disneyland fireworks display from outside your home.

    Now that the city’s economy is showing vibrancy, the construction and real estate businesses are back in full force. If you’re already a homeowner, this will be a good time to make some improvements to prep it for sale, as a second/vacation home, or as a permanent residence. With all the buzz going around the city, make sure your contractors will not be hitting an underground utility or some underground problems for you and your property’s safety and for damage prevention.

    Part of smart planning and construction/renovation calls for the use of a private Anaheim utility line locating service. A private credible underground utility locator can work with your contractor to ensure trouble is avoided when digging near private utility lines.

    In Anaheim or greater Orange County, there is one credible underground utility locating to call before your home construction or renovation starts. That is Util-Locate. With our expertise as a private utility locating services and our state-of the-art equipment, you can enjoy your Anaheim home and sleep better at night knowing you and your property are safe.

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