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    The city of Carlsbad, California lies near Oceanside and is well known as the Village by the Sea. Other names that are connected with the city are LEGOLAND and the attraction of the spa properties of the artesian water. Founded in the 1700s as part of the mission cities set up by the Spanish, Carlsbad has drawn tourists to the warm welcoming city. As the growth of the city continued, the advent of the modern day utilities became evident. Growth and regulations from the city and government make it necessary to use San Diego County utility locating services to find out where the lines of supply run in the areas being developed. The homeowners and builders find it is easier to have a professional find these Carlsbad underground utility locating when contracting for repairs or other digging projects.

    Since Carlsbad is so popular with tourists and visitors from around the globe, many people relocate in this area and are drawn by the climate and attractions. When building homes, contractors have to follow environmentally and historically proven safe measures and the last thing anyone wants is a broken utility line. The cardinal rule is to locate the utilities that are buried before deciding where to dig for rebuilding or creating new holes for foundations for buildings. Money saved by taking time to hire competent reliable companies that can quickly locate these lines will be an advantage when building. So keep it in mind when the time comes!

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