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    Are you in the process of developing a site? Whether you’re building a new building on an empty property or renovating an existing building, it’s important that you are aware of the utilities, such as electrical, gas and water connections, on the site.

    During excavation, there’s a high risk of your team damaging underground utilities if they aren’t aware of their location. We specialize in detecting underground utility conduits and can quickly locate and mark any hazards on your property.

    Our utility conduit location services

    If you’re involved in developing or renovating a property and your work requires excavation, there is a serious risk that you could damage utility conduits if you’re not aware of their exact location on your site.

    Utility conduits are small underground tunnels that are used to contain cables and other utilities. Most utility conduits contain phone, electrical and fiber-optic cables that are essential for providing a building’s electricity and telecommunications.

    These utility conduits are underground and impossible to see from the surface, but they can be located using special technology. Our team carries out hundreds of in-depth utility detection surveys for companies in Southern California every year.

    Are you considering a property for development? Do you already have a property that you’re interested in redeveloping? If so, we can help prevent damage to utility conduits during excavation and construction using our advanced equipment.

    Our utility conduit location equipment

    We use high quality, modern utility detection equipment to quickly and efficiently find utility conduits on your site. Our team can locate detectable utility conduits to a high level of accuracy, ensuring you know where you can and can’t excavate.

    Our expert team uses several technologies to quickly find underground utilities. One of these technologies is ground penetrating radar (GPR). GPR allows us to locate and mark underground utility tunnels on your site to a depth of 13+ feet.

    Using our ground penetrating radar technology, we can also create a utility map of your site, giving you full data on the location of underground utility conduits. This makes it easy for your team to dig and build without any fear of damaging any utilities.

    We can find all traceable utilities installed under the surface of your property, from gas and water lines to electrical cabling. Our technology can even detect fiber-optic cables and other telecommunications lines on your property.

    Our utility conduit location areas

    We’re located in northern Orange County, giving us great access to all of Southern California. From Orange County, our team can travel to your site anywhere in the Southern California region.

    Our technicians can even travel to San Diego and other nearby cities. The areas we serve include Orange County, Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Kern and Imperial County.

    Operating since 2001, we have worked (and continue to work with) a large number of Southern California’s top construction, engineering and environmental companies to provide accurate, efficient and reliable utility detection services. See more utility locating services near me.

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    Are you preparing to develop a building? Are you building a car park or other area that requires excavation. Before you dig, contact us to locate and mark utilities that could affect your ability to excavate.

    We can detect any traceable installed on your property, from large utility conduits to thin fiber-optic cable. Contact us now to speak to a member of our team and learn more about our utility locating services.

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