What You Should Know About Pipe Inspection?

, What You Should Know About Pipe Inspection?

Without closed-circuit television (CCTV)/pipe inspection, it is often difficult to determine the extent of sewer pipe damage, pipe blockages, or where the pipe problem occurs.

Whenever subterranean sewer pipelines have been compromised by an intrusion, poor installation, or natural elements, having plumbing professionals inspect their integrity is a vital first step.

Therefore, if something goes wrong underground or inside a pipe that’s pretty hard to see, you will need to call sewer service companies who have all the right tools to fix anything—especially nowadays, where technology is increasingly involved in resolving issues than ever before.

What are CCTV/Pipe Inspections?

The process of employing a camera for inspection of pipes, sewer lines, or drains is known as CCTV sewer inspection.

Plumbers can utilize CCTV cameras to see the source of sewage problems without employing more invasive procedures such as dismantling walls or floors to gain access to the pipelines. In most cases, these services are more cost-effective and are considered environmentally friendly ways to pinpoint obstructions in sewers and pipes.

A CCTV camera can assist property owners in determining the cause of sewer damage, such as:

  • Root intrusion
  • Damage caused by earthquakes
  • Cracked pipes
  • Offset pipe joints
  • Corrosion
  • Deterioration caused by aging
  • Inadequate installation or previous repair attempts
  • Perforations caused by accident
  • Serious blockage

How Does CCTV/Pipe Inspection Work?

CCTV/Pipe inspection is a necessary maintenance procedure to avoid further damages and repairs to the pipes and drainage system. However, a major issue is that pipes, by nature, are often buried below the ground, which makes it difficult to inspect them for damage.

This procedure solves the problem by inserting a mobile CCTV camera into the pipe at its surface and then exploring the pipe length until the problem is discovered.

The CCTV sewer inspection is usually done with the latest waterproof CCTV unit. The data found by the closed-circuit television video is fed instantaneously to the CCTV technicians, which can be recorded and stored upon request. Using these cameras, they can obtain a clear picture of the conditions of your sewer pipe and detect any severe damages.

What are the Benefits of CCTV/Pipe Inspections?

The use of video equipment services during preliminary inspections is beneficial for property owners. The following are several reasons to hire an inspector who uses CCTV video during plumbing inspections:


Homeowners dealing with damaged sewer lines can find the most affordable solution with the assistance of plumbing experts. Most of the time, it is not necessary to repair the entire underground sewer pipeline.

Through CCTV/pipe inspections, you can avoid an entire repair or replacement of your pipelines so. By locating and repairing only the damaged section, repair costs required to fix a pipe can be significantly reduced.


Since this inspection method utilizes a remote-controlled, robotic CCTV unit to gather data, CCTV/pipe inspections do not require digging. Aside from CCTV sewer inspection being non-invasive to property structures, no damage will be done to plants, shrubs, and other natural elements as well.

Fast Detection of Issues

By using CCTV services, you can ensure that a plumbing issue will be identified quickly. CCTV cameras detect root causes of problems by inspecting the whole pipe, which reduces guesswork for plumbing professionals.

With just one inspection visit, you can get expert advice on repairing faulty pipework and plan for the repairs immediately.


CCTV is a popular technology for pipe inspections, and it comes with many benefits. In addition to being fast, cost-effective, non-invasive, and accurate, there are many models on the market that offer a wide range of capabilities and functionality, so a CCTV system can be modified to suit any pipe inspection, even the smallest ones.

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