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    Ventura County Underground Utility Locating Service

    Ventura County is situated on the Pacific Coast of California. The county is part of the state of California and is found in the southern part of California. The median home price for Ventura County was valued at $355,000 as at December 2008. Development in Ventura County was rapid and kept spreading until the population in West County cities became high as well. Oxnard, Camarillo and Ventura are the areas that have always experienced the largest growth. Interestingly, the Conejo Valley area of Ventura County is now a hot-spot when it comes to a desirable place to live.

    Once upon a time, real estate in this location was relatively cheap, but the value has risen significantly and suddenly in recent time. For your real estate development in Ventura County, you need a Ventura County underground utility locating service. This will help you to create a safe work environment and avoid unnecessary costs, damage and liability.

    Why You Need Experts to Handle Your Residential or Commercial Underground Utility Location

    As mentioned earlier, proactively locating utilities prior to digging is the best way to create a safe work environment and avoid needless damage, liability and costs. But more importantly, you need experts to handle your Ventura County underground utility locating service. This is the only way you can be sure of quality and sustainable outcome. Accuracy is the key when it comes to utility location. This is why you need the services of certified professionals for the job. Subsequently, potential hazards from electrical lines, water and sewer, gas lines, fiber/telephone communication lines, metallic/non-metallic conduits, cables and pipes would be minimized substantially. See more about utilities locator.

    Typically, the utilities located include the following:

    • Cable/Wire: quality underground location of cable/wire is often accomplished with electromagnetic equipment and tools. This type of equipment consists of a transmitter and a receiver.
    • Sewer Pipes: when metal pipes are involved, electromagnetic equipment with a transmitter and receiver is also used to locate such pipes. On the other hand, plastic and concrete pipes must be located with sophisticated ground-penetrating radar or other radiolocation tools. Only experts would have in-depth insight and skills about using the right type of tools or equipment for each category of utility location. So, insist on a professional Ventura County underground utility locating service.
    • Power Line: power lines and other lines also require the applicable radio location equipment to ensure a safe and quality outcome.

    Underground Utility Detection Service

    1. Ground Penetrating Radar System (GPR)

    This method of utility locator in Ventura County engages pulses for subsurface imaging. It involves the use of an electromagnetic radiation technique and would accurately detect objects, voids, cracks as well as changes in material. The ground penetrating radar system is reliably seen as a non-destructive method of locating underground utility.

    2. Utility Mapping

    Underground utility location with the mapping system may not be absolute since maps do not always have the pinpoint precision required to guarantee proper clearance.

    Professional Help

    Util-Locate.com carries out professional detection of cables, lines or pipes before you dig. The company uses the best standard practices and equipment for precision, accuracy and safe Ventura County underground utility locating service.

    So, before you dig, call 1 (866) 421-5325.
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